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It's Pokimon for grown ups. Srsly, get your Pokimon player a Magic deck and they'll instantly sprout pubes and consider a career as a mathmatician.

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Friday, August 15, 2008:


The Worst Magic Cards Ever: Spellshift

Whenever people say a card sucks,
I tend to get an impulse to break it.

Today we explore...

Alot of people call it a crap rare, but everyone seems to overlook the fact that you might end up getting a look at half your opponent's deck.
...and counter a spell.
...and your opponent loses any good cards on the top of their library.
...and they may be tempted to waste a good spell at a bad time.
...OR... can counter a 1 mana instant of your own and fetch a ten mana instant/sorcery like Eternal Dominion, Soulscour, Decree of Annihilation, Time Stretch, Sway the Stars, Storm Herd, or Curse of the Cabal and cast it FOR FREE.

...but who would want to do anything like that? I mean, it's only a crap rare.

Thanks to the folks at for making this thread easy:

What do you think may be the worst MtG card ever?

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