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Wednesday, April 1, 2009:


Worst Magic Card Ever: Mistform Sliver

Today I defend yet another card people think may be...


Mistform Sliver

Mistform Sliver

Mistform Sliver is probably THE WORST SLIVER EVER. Not much argument here. Surprised I said that? Don't be surprised. It's probably the worst Sliver ever.

...but it was an awesome Changeling. Too bad people never got into changelings.

The main problem with Mistform Sliver was player psychology. The only people who want Slivers are people making Sliver decks. When people make Sliver decks, they want Slivers, but Mistform Sliver is all about making Slivers something else, like Merfolk, Wizards, and Faeries, but that's pointless in a Sliver deck, and what Merfolk, Wizard, or Faerie player ever thinks about splashing Slivers? People making Merfolk, Wizard, or Faerie decks want Merfolk, Wizards, and Faeries, not Slivers, or Mistforms, and now we can add the poor Changelings to the ranks of the sad and lonely Mistforms, ostracized for getting along with every tribe instead of being racist.

But oh, the possibilities people missed.

Consider Merfolk, they love to tap repeatedly: find the Slivers with tap abilities, make them Merfolk and tap away.

Or Fairies. Add Scion of Oona to Mistform Sliver and you get:
Other Fairie(Sliver) creatures you control get +1/+1.
Other Fairies(Slivers) you control have shroud.

The saddest part is I don't think most people ever realized Mistform Sliver's potential before Hivestone and Changeling came out, so now almost any glory Mistform Sliver could get from breaking cards will probably go to something else, like Amoeboid Changeling.

Amoeboid Changelings can turn Bitterblossom tokens into Virulent Slivers.
...and make Slivers count as Fairies, while being both a Sliver and a Fairie itself.

Poor Mistform Sliver, you were ahead of your time until you were obsolete.

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