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It's Pokimon for grown ups. Srsly, get your Pokimon player a Magic deck and they'll instantly sprout pubes and consider a career as a mathmatician.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009:


Zendikar Spoiler

On March 25th, Wizards of the Coast announced Zendikar, the October 2009 set of 249 cards, code-named "Live", or ZEN for short:

Zendikar: Deadly Perils, Priceless Treasures.
"Deadly Perils, Priceless Treasures"

Here are my predictions:

Zendikar will be Magic's version of...


Maztica / Zendikar

The set will be MesoAmerican: a mythical conglomeration of Mayan, Aztec, Incan, Toltec, and Spanish culture. Expect cards with stone ziggurats, blood sacrifices, gold artifacts, obelisks, UG Yuan-Ti Snake Druids, WUBRG Couatl plumed serpents / feathered dragons, GR jaguar-themed warriors to revamp your Nacatl Zoo decks, and an awesome Blue-based Pirate deck which dominates the last set of the block.

After Zendikar... Dark Elves. Flavor text will even use the word "Drow". ...because we love Drow Elves and WotC needs to give them their own set so we can have some awesome art of hot onyx-skinned Golgari Elf chicks. Are you with me? :-)

...but seriously, what do I know? This is all 100% completely unfounded speculation. How am I supposd to know any of this? What am I, a wizard? You want me to look into my crystal ball? Ok, I see your future... OMG! WAIT! I CAN see it! I can see... YOU! ...listening to people... people who ramble about things they have no idea about! ^_^

...but seriously, there will be alot of talk about the Mayan calendar as we approach the end of the world in 2012, so play some Magic, you don't have much time left.

Zendikar previews start September 7, 2009 on

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