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It's Pokimon for grown ups. Srsly, get your Pokimon player a Magic deck and they'll instantly sprout pubes and consider a career as a mathmatician.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009:


The Future of Wizards of the Coast

This is what I would say if I ran WotC...

WotC will be integrating several brands through cross-over products: a set of Magic & Miniatures cards will double as both Magic cards and Miniatures stat cards, some of your favorite Magic cards will have Miniatures (and vice versa). Magic PlayMATs will double as PlayMAPs for Miniatures and roleplaying while D&D will introduce new character classes which bring your Magic deck into the game:

Magic cards will be roleplaying suppliments.
Roleplaying suppliments will be Magic cards.
You will be able to play D&D by playing Magic.

Magic Pro-Tour events will be immortalized as D&D novels:

"The leaves of the primoridal forest shone like foil, shimmering in the light as a lone elf sprang from the foliage, fighting off a wave of dizziness from being conjured, preparing to unleash the power that would unlock his Planeswalker's scroll to summon reinforcements to his side. He was born to do this, he was...
...a Llanowar Elf."
llanowar elf
[Lvl 1, 5 Damage, 5 HP, Tap:Green]

Imagine a new kind of Magic card.
...that has a Miniature to RP with.
Can you imagine it?

This consolidation of product lines will create a more cohesive social structure uniting and solidifying previously seperate consumer bases. Roleplayers, cardplayers, collectors, and readers can much more easily flow from one line of products to another, to whichever they prefer, as each product advertises another: cards have miniatures, miniatures have cards, miniatures are great for role-playing, roleplaying books relate to novels, novels are based on card tournaments, etc.. I also like this idea because...

Magic needs a Succubus tribe:
Magic needs a succubus.
Am I right or am I right?

I love the Pacifism card with Akroma on it, from Mirrodin. We should use that art for Pacifism in the Core Sets from now on, instead of that silly daisy-chain zombie. Don’t get me wrong, I like the zombie, it’s fun, but look what fun did to UnSet sales. I’m telling you, if I had gotten a Mirrodin Pacifism in my first Unlimited Starter Pack I wouldn’t have thrown all my cards away for being nothing but flowers and jewelry. ...and I’d still have that Black Lotus. WotC will focus more on hot chicks and dragons and such and save the G-rated stuff for Pokimon. [Pokimon! :D Pure and wholesome fun for children and parents. Almost but not quite totally unlike hot chicks and dragons.] THE WORLD NEEDS EVIL CHICKS IN BLACK LEATHER. Chain-mail bikinis or bust!


...and dragons:


...and Dungeons & Dragons shall now be known as...

Hot Chicks & Dragons.

Tiefling ClericBlack Dragon Lurker

Ok, maybe I wouldn't say it *exactly* like that, but these are damned good ideas and WotC should make it happen.

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