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What is "Magic: the Gathering"? Magic is a collectible fantasy-themed playing card game kinda combining Uno, War, Chess, and art dealing: match colors, draw 4, high card beat low card, different cards attack in different ways while you ogle hot chicks and dragons drawn by your favorite artists on cards you can sometimes sell for big money.
It's Pokimon for grown ups. Srsly, get your Pokimon player a Magic deck and they'll instantly sprout pubes and consider a career as a mathmatician.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009:


MtG Podcasters: Keeping the Magic Going

It seems like God just hasn't wanted me to play Magic, so I took a few months off from even trying, but I missed the MtG podcasting community so much I had to pop back in for a listen. I no longer play Magic, I no longer have a collection (well, one pauper deck), but I can't help but get a kick out of Monday Night Magic, Mana Nation, The Mana Pool, and The Magic Sock. I love those guys. ^_^

Maybe someday I'll manage to get back into Magic. Maybe I'll save up for a bunch of commons on the secondary market and get a Pauper league going. Heck, I've met a surprising number of homeless people who played Magic and Pauper Magic really is quite affordable even for most of them. That would be a hoot, a homeless Pauper league. Maybe WotC PR could toss a few pauper decks to disaster victims in shelters, get people's minds off their troubles and get some good press from paupers in the papers. Worth looking into? IDK, maybe, I would not know who to talk to and I lack motivation these days.

What have I been up to? Becoming a Cynic (in the Socratic sense), being reclusive, driving off eternal love-slaves, hiding from the world, deleting online networking accounts. Basically, I've just been laying around on my tree-couch (it's not a tree-house, it's just a tree-couch) reading Robert Asprin's books, the Another Fine Myth series and the Phule's Company series, fun stuff, general absurdity, kinda reminds me of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Maybe someday I'll stop reading books and start writing them. What if, what if, what if... I'm such a dreamer. :)

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